(approximately 316 pages)

During the first millennia, strange men with red hair had floated westward on rafts from the coast of Peru. They discovered the island called Tahitutaumotu; a place scarcely named in the legendry of Polynesian tribes scattered across the South Pacific. A place shrouded in mystery; a place that had been impossible to find, and yet Baxter Copeland had found it! Somehow, when no one, not even Baxter himself had known where—and perhaps more importantly when—to look, against all odds, he had found it!
It was in the labyrinthine lava tubes under the mountain that the red haired men from Peru had found something remarkable; something that had potentially changed the course of history many times—something that always found its way into the outside world and then always found its way back again. It was here that they had built their temple; for the artifact they discovered glowed in the darkness of the caverns with an unearthly light. The same relic that Baxter now carried in a backpack lined with a special foil to keep the light in, and which he knew—he could not be sure how—weighed almost exactly eighty-five pounds, though it was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand.
Now, if only he could remember: “Is this the beginning or the end?”



Seven Days from Darwin


(432 pages)

Robert Mayfair grew up in the throes of the Great Depression. After the bank sold the farm in Virginia, the family moved to live with relatives in the Northern Territory of Australia to seek a new beginning. Enter Victor Blood, a creature of guile and intrigue. When Robert’s father loses the deed to their new land to Blood over a game of chance, Robert finds himself on the move again, to the tiny island of Pulao Menara in the wilds of the Dutch East Indies, a seven day sail from Darwin.

It isn’t long before Robert falls under the tropic spell of Menara, susceptible to the wiles of Blood’s seductive wife, Clairice. Whispers of vast treasure fuel the interest of dangerous men as Robert discovers that paradise is not always what it seems. Will Robert and his new found friends survive the approaching storm, or will Victor Blood’s devious exploits ruin them all?



Scarlett Syrena

Scarlett Syrena

(55 pages)

David Gladstone Series (I)

Provocative, yet deadly, the mysterious siren has been the undoing for hundreds, maybe thousands of men who are seduced by her call, and David Gladstone, PI, is no different- or is he? When the famous starlet, Scarlett Syrena, comes to him with her tantalizing request, Gladstone is as enamored with the woman as he is with the case.

Travel with Gladstone as he realizes that he won’t find the answers he needs within the comfort of the familiar San Francisco pavement, and moves through the cinema spotlight and beyond, looking to resolve this case within the realm of the unknown.


The Doppelganger’s Widow

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(67 pages)

David Gladstone Series (II)

In this second installment of the ‘David Gladstone’ Series, David is hired to investigate the Riddle mansion and certify it as ‘free of ghostly hauntings.’ A pragmatic PI, Gladstone is confident he and his partners will be in and out in no time, pocketing easy money.

But things aren’t quite as simple Gladstone initially assumes: he encounters a crew of bumbling ‘ghost-busters’ whose job it is to prove that the mansion is in fact haunted, and the endearing old lady who currently owns the house has a few secrets of her own, forcing him to not only solve the mysteries of the mansion, but to delve into the mysteries of his own soul.